Medics can repair Infantry units, just like a Supply Truck resupplies units. They can work in cooperation with Supply Trucks to repair and resupply units.


They can move three circles off roads, and 5 circles on roads.


  1. The enemy will try to destroy the Medics first then the Supply Trucks when spotted, so your other units nearby will not be healed or resupplied on your turn.
  2. You can make a mobile resupply base]] by moving a Medic and a Supply Truck next to each other. It will resupply and heal units as soon as they stop on either side.
  3. Placing multiple Medics will cause them to heal each other. This will also happen with Supply Trucks.

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Medic BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Medic [edit]
Defence +10% Defence +10% Price -50 Coins Distance +20%
Cost: 4 BattlePoint Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Sub: 8 BattlePoint) Cost: 8 BattlePoint (Sub: 16 BattlePoint) Cost: 10 BattlePoint (Total: 26 BattlePoint)

With the final upgrade, Medics can move more than six spaces on Roads, longer than all other Units can, even beating other units moving on Roads.


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