GLWG trading card sniper

Sniper Trading Card

Snipers cost 250 coins in Great Little War Game, or 200 (or 150 with upgrade 3) in Great Big War Game. They have a 2-3 Fire range, and can kill most Infantry Units in one shot.


  1. You can destroy enemy Jeeps in one shot with a Sniper at full health.
  2. In Great Big War Game snipers have slightly more hit points
  3. In Great Big War Game a sniper with upgrade 2 can survive a shot from another sniper
  4. A good way to defeat snipers is by shooting them 1 space away

Damage distributionEdit

vs. infantry - very high
vs. vehicles - minimal
vs. ships - none
vs. air - none
vs. turrets - low
vs. buildings - minimal

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Sniper BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Sniper [edit]
Defence +10% Defence +10% Price -50 Coins Fire range +1
Cost: 6 BattlePoint Cost: 6 BattlePoint (Sub: 12 BattlePoint) Cost: 8 BattlePoint (Sub: 20 BattlePoint) Cost: 10 BattlePoint (Total: 30 BattlePoint)


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