GLWG trading card supplytruck

Supply Truck Trading Card

A Supply Truck's useful purporse is to restore ammo and fuel to Units (including other Supply Trucks) that are near the Supply Truck when moving, and when the owners turn starts (it does not have the abllity to shoot, so protect it well).

How to useEdit

Supply Trucks cost 50 Coins, and will allow you to restore ammo and fuel to Units. Just move the Supply Truck next to a Unit to restore the Unit's ammo and fuel to the orignal amount.


  1. The enemy will try to destroy the Medics first then the Supply Trucks when spotted, so your other units nearby will not be healed or resupplied on your turn.
  2. You can make a Portable Resupply Base by moving a Medic and a Supply Truck next to each other. It will Resupply and Heal Units as soon as they stop on either side.
  3. Placing multiple Supply Trucks will cause them to resupply each other. This will also happen with Medics.

Upgrade SeriesEdit

Supply Truck BattlePoint Battle Point Unit Upgrades for Supply Truck [edit]
Defence +25% Defence +25% Defence +25% Defence +25%
Cost: 2 BattlePoint Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Sub: 6 BattlePoint) Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Sub: 10 BattlePoint) Cost: 4 BattlePoint (Total: 14 BattlePoint)

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